Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SeaCprofiles: Bretts of a feather...

I was heading home after my dentist appointment for some spro cleansing among other things (sans harsh scrubbing mind you-benszo) when what to my wondering eyes should appear at the bus stop... but Brett Walker, his lovely wife, and their sleepy just-turned-one baby.

I was glad to chat him up about NWRBC since I botched my plans to attend it last weekend.  Brett, you'll remember, broke to the finals this year and performed quite admirably from what I've read.  I first met Brett back at the 2007 NWRBC when I was live blogging the festivities with Zoka's Wes and Nikki.  Brett had the privilege of being the only performance that I accidentally erased.  I had worked extra hard on his, too, with us sharing a name and his unparalleled facial hair making me question my own mutton-choppy-ness.  I still feel like a doofus.

Well enough about this Brett... more about Brett Walker.

It sounds like Zoka is keeping Brett's coffee journey busy and interesting-- helping with store activities, training folks, and even traveling to new accounts to help them get dialed in.  When Brett's not exploring the outer reaches of the coffee-verse, he can be found affectionately stroking his enviably-long beard and spending time with his terrific wife and kid-o.

Keep up the good work Brett!

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Brett said...

hey thanks for the cool post, we should go get some coffee sometime soon,