Thursday, January 8, 2009

Team Trabant... bringing the thundah

Beware NWRBC'ers... trabant is bringing their A-game.

I was lucky enough to wander into t2 today and catch Matt Longoria dialing in his competition blend. I won't bias the judges with my descriptors, but let it be known that the comp blend (in expert hands of course) delivers a tayyysty spro and delightful cap.

Spyz should return to their hidey-holes... but Seatown coffeegeeks should definitely swing by t2 PRONTO to taste the coffee warez that will be in the thick of competition at this weekend's NWRBC.
Good luck Matt and Alex! Hope to catch you there, too Tom.

1 comment:

Mike said...

50% Aricha lot 33 , 50% Costa Rica, don't recall info on the Costa. Yes, it was delicious!