Tuesday, January 13, 2009

wha.. wha... WHAAAT? Oh no you didn't, Michaele Weissman. (not really)

I was thumbing through my raft of coffee blogs when I read a passage on GiaCoC that made me double-take "a near perfect cappuccino at the legendary Cafe Vivace".  Michaele Weissman- you take that back, sister.  I have frequented Espresso Vivace for nearly a decade, even clandestinely when I was employed by others in the coffee industry and I have yet to have an experience there that was less than perfect, not to mention a drink.  

I really don't know why or how Vivace gets it right every time.  I'm no Vivace fanboy- it's just that they have their game (espresso) and they play it WELL.  
* Single origin espresso?  Take it down the street buddy.  
* Brewed coffee from a Clover, pour-over, or drip machine?  Don't let the door hit ya, foolio.

Believe you me, I have given them chances to disappoint- arriving very early in the morning uncaffeinated and irritable, showing up right before closing for a bag of chilly decaf-- they seem incapable of doing wrong.  The line's really deep?  Guess what- homeboy from the back is going to tool up, get synesso 2 firing and personally escort you to his machine, far away from the rabble where you're the only customer in the world.  

The only complaint I have ever lodged against Vivace is that they don't grind whole bean coffee for home use- a charge that is without merit after the first 30 seconds of any coffee class or first 30 pages of any reputable book on brewing coffee at home.

Espresso Vivace is unassuming, delivers the highest quality, and has come up with the most elegant solution I have seen to date for serving espresso- do it well, do nothing else.

### confidential message to David Schomer- what's a guy have to do for a part time gig as your bar back?  I have four words for you:  will work for spro.

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